Grant permissions with ADB

Please follow the steps below to grant permissions to tvusage app in Android TV's with ADB,

  1. Setup ADB on your desktop or laptop.

2. Unlock developer mode and connect ADB with your Android TV.

    • Navigate to Android TV Settings -> Device preference -> About -> Click "Build" 7 times to enable Developer options.

    • Navigate to Android TV Settings -> Network & Internet -> Select your connected network and find your Android TV IP address.

    • Run the following ADB command in your desktop or laptop.

3. Incase if you want grant access in restricted profile then please open restricted profile in Android TV.

3. Find the android user id which we need in the next step. First UserInfo (user id is 0) is the for main user profile and the second UserInfo (user id is 12) is the restricted or child profile in the below example.

4. Run the following commands using ADB in your desktop or laptop to grant the required permissions,

5. If you are using Android TV 10 and above,

That's it! Now you should be able to use tvusage app. If you use it in restricted profiles then app configurations are not shared between restricted profile and main account.